Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Capturing Couture Camera Strap Review

 I have a new found hobby. Photography, I bought a DSLR with our tax refund. I bought a Canon EOS T1i. I was out taking pictures with a fellow Photog and he had a "custom" blue print camera strap. I was sporting my Stock Ugly strap. So I got the opportunity to review a strap from capturing couture. I chose the Orchid Blossom 2" strap. This Strap is sure to draw attention. I knew the next time we were going to be out He would be sure to notice my new Bright Pink Strap.! Which he did! he loved it and said it was definitely "ME" Whoo hoo I chose a  strap that fits my personality! The box this strap was shipped in was for sure Professional! I judge a product on all aspects including shipping. This box was so neatly wrapped and very cute I thought it was a birthday gift ha ha. I love my camera strap and It is very comfortable even when I have a very big lens on my camera! that's a huge plus! Capturing Couture is sure to have a camera strap to fit your personality as well. They have all kinds of materials and colors! They even have guitar Straps! For you Music Savvy People.!

Thanks Capturing Couture!

From the Capturing couture website.

Capturing Couture was founded by two working moms,with obsessive creative passion, spirited ambition,and a fearless hands on work ethic to make magic happen…
Combining our talents of photography and fashion we’ve created a product collection fulfilling a market niche that has been, to this point, completely monochromatic.  Our partnership celebrates our similarities and our differences, each piece in the collection an extension of ourselves…both *girly glam* and 'urban chic'.  It’s time for the fashion and photography markets to merge, with the creation of the finest ‘ultra chic, totally couture accessory’ for anyone with a camera!
Our Camera Straps and Accessories are the perfect marriage of *fashion & function*, using only the finest materials, custom made trims and highly functional hardware.  Our clear vision for innovation allows us to keep a pulse on macro trends and offer a strong stylish point-of-view from color to print & pattern, along with high value our customers appreciate.
Our partnership and company celebrates the fabulous Artist within us all…and embraces the amazing thing that happens when two worlds collide in the world of style…
Our mantra is *Living Life Through Art*…Sharing our creative passion to make a positive difference and have endless amounts of fun in the process!
We look forward to *Capturing Couture* with you!
Erika & Lisa

I was not paid in cash for this posting.
I did receive free product for my opinion.
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