Thursday, May 16, 2013

Deviled Egg for a Snack




IMG_20130516_010125Yes Please, I don't know about you guys but I totally have an egg thing lol , I love eggs it doesn't matter how they are cooked. I Love deviled eggs as a snack, I have yet to get my egg innards the same each time. I call it a slowly perfected art. Hell What am I saying they are always perfect. As long as they are edible it doesn't really matter how they look huh? They are all gonna be doomed for the same fate as everything else you eat. It all looks the same at the end. Ha I seriously love eggs though and if any of you guys have any neat egg recipes I would love to hear them So please Comment! Thanks a Bunch and I will have some new things for you guys on the blog.! I have also figured out how to Boil my eggs without having those greenish rotten looking rings in them! They are so much more appetizing that way.!


Love ya'll


DMS said...

I LOVE deviled eggs, but I have never made them. They would certainly make a tasty lunch. :)



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